August 25, 2017


This is what guests had to say about
Taste Champagne 2017…


This event is the highlight of the year for the Australian wine trade.
David Stevens-Castro, Sommelier, Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise

Best show on the circuit!
Angelica Nohra, Champagne Henri Abelé

The best tasting of the year.
Chris Morrison

I’ve done a lot of tastings over the last 40 years and this was certainly up there with the very best.
Charles Hargrave, First Growth Wines

Best tasting all year. Better than Prowein in Hong Kong and the Guangzhou Wine Show!
Joe Bavaro, Victoria Cellars

Definitely the greatest Champagne event in the Australian calendar!
Isaac Wong

I see Taste Champagne as one of the most valuable and worthwhile trade shows in the industry.
Mike Johnson, Champagne Alfred Gratien

The mood was electric.

A very professional, well organised and fun event to promote our industry!
Emilie Ferguson, EK Providores

It was an incredible educational experience. A Champagne ‘bootcamp’, like no other.
Ben Hansen, Endeavour Drinks Group

Brilliantly well organised at all levels.
Ken Gargett

This is by far the best wine or champagne tasting event I have ever been to. Congratulations on such a success.
Melanie McAlpine

World class event!
Travis Fuller, Hardy’s

The scale, variety and diversity of Taste Champagne was outstanding, and as good as the finest trade tastings in London. The room was great, it was incredibly well run, with great attention to detail, from the tasting booklet with great info, the Riedel glassware, Tyson’s welcome speech and the representatives from the houses.
Michael Davey

Wine trade endorsement

It’s great to see so many cuvees I’ve never tasted or heard of before. I ordered as much as I could get my hands on within hours of the tasting, to ensure that I didn’t miss out.
Amanda Yallop, Quay Restaurant

I’ve had many enquiries from customers who attended Taste Champagne and want me to carry their favourite Champagne.
Peter Karkazis, Deakin Local Liquor

This is the best event I’ve been to in fifteen years of working at wine events. The best trade turnout I have ever seen in Canberra.
Mark David, Red + White

The best trade turnout I’ve seen in thirteen years.
Paul Richardson, McWilliams

The who’s who of The Brisbane Wine industry were all there. I have done a lot of events over the years and rarely leave an event so enthusiastic.
Brett West, House of Fine Wine

I met several new suppliers and added several new champagnes to our wine store list thanks to your event.
Matt Hayes, King Somm

Trade has never been so supportive of opportunities to reach target audiences in Champagne’s most distant market.

Exceptional trade attendance! Well done! Every year the quality of houses and visitors keeps increasing.
Manon Houg, Rathbone Group

Our reps said that the trade event was the best they have done to date.
Vincent Magrath, Rogue Wines

Particularly amazing was the marketing work done leading up to the event, which ensured a great list of trade enrolment. From a supplier’s point of view, this is exactly what we want to see to justify the investment in participating.
Peter Ferrari, De Bortoli Wines

Our colleagues from interstate have had nothing but glowing comments about the venues, organisation and promotion of the whole Taste Champagne event.
Peter Ferrari, De Bortoli Wines

Having worked plenty of trade shows, this was by far the best, well organised, and the room was perfect for Canberra trade and public.
Ron Molloy

The event was very professionally organised. I have organised numerous large functions over the years, and cannot make any suggestions to improve your event.
Adrienne Jesberg, Winewise

Fantastic space, terrific range of producers and a pleasure to compare notes with so many talented colleagues.
John Tennent, Harry & Frankie

Apart from the broad and deep range of champagnes on offer, the organisation was exemplary, from the provision of destination advice right through to the collection of lanyards for recycling at the end. Melbourne’s Plaza Ballroom was an elegant choice matching well the opulence and elegance of the cuvées on display. Well done to all, and congratulations on a brilliant event.
Kaaren Palmer,

The venue choice for each state was spot on, especially Melbourne. It’s one thing to be the part, but the event also looked the part. Seamless organisation from all those involved (Tyson, Jody, Craig and crew) made each event a pleasure to work at and attend. As a supplier to the event I see Taste Champagne as one of the most valuable and worthwhile trade shows in the industry. The quality of customers and consumers is second to none and I look forward to supporting Tyson and Taste Champagne in future.
Mike Johnson, Champagne Alfred Gratien

A great organisation with a totally involved team – helping hands for all questions of the roadshow, logistics, samples, contacts. We much appreciated the perfect and permanent reactivity of your team – updates before every tasting.
Andreas Bähr, Union Champagne De Saint Gall

Public endorsement

Overall I think it is a remarkable event. An extraordinary experience for a non-trade person to be able to have exposure to such a diverse and interesting variety of champagnes. What a privilege to be able to be able to attend.
Sarah Craddock

The venue was great, the atmosphere was sensational. The diversity of champagne, the mix of old and new houses was mind blowing. Tyson was very approachable and made us all feel welcome. We had a wonderful time and plan to attend every year!
Belinda Laniewski

For such a luxury category the tastings were unsnobbish, accessible and informative.
Ian MacTavish,

The variety of champagne available to try was amazing! The representatives for each company were very personable and lovely to talk to!
Kate Hunt

This was the greatest Mother’s Day present ever!  Loved being introduced to some bubbles I’ve not tried before.
Janelle Taylor

Relaxed, unpretentious, friendly vibe.
Philomena Lapsley

I wish there were more trade shows like this that came to Canberra.
Ren Deane

We had the opportunity to try Champagnes we had not heard of or had not had a chance to taste before. We discovered some new favourites.
Nicole Sadler

Variety, location, atmosphere, intimacy, quality, food – all great!
Emma Bucknell

The Antipodes water was really elegant.
Suzi McKinnon

I appreciated that the glasses were Riedel.
Sally Green

I think you did an outstanding job! Start to finish! From buying the tickets (and your follow) to quality food & water (excellent idea!) and in between all of that marvellous champagne with knowledgeable servers. Can’t wait until next year!
Sue Devic

The expert advice from the hosts at each table made each tasting experience enjoyable. I learnt so much more about champagne at Taste Champagne. This event is perfect.
Mandy Hurst

The event was not oversubscribed – there was a good crowd, but it wasn’t too busy to be able to taste the champagnes and chat with the representatives.
Public guest

Chatting to the knowledgeable representatives of each house certainly improved my appreciation of the art of making champagne.
Teresa Oates

I loved being able to taste numerous champagnes from many small makers. We are looking to choose our own ‘house wine’ and this was the next best way to do it without actually travelling to France.
Robert Allan

Taste Champagne presents a great opportunity for all wine enthusiasts to enjoy themselves and further their knowledge.
Lester Jesberg, Winewise

Very good value for money.
Emma Jones

Congratulations on a first-class evening.
John Friend